Technology Triumphs 'Do Not Call' List - Block ALL Unwanted Calls

Technology Triumphs 'Do Not Call' List - Block ALL Unwanted Calls

Post by Ken » Tue, 02 Mar 2004 11:19:56

n response to numerous questions about the 'Do Not Call' List and
blocking unwanted calls, we are posting information about the latest
release, the

New Caller ID Screener Allows Only 'Invited' Callers to Ring - Free of

(SCOTTSDALE, AZ) Telemarketing companies and exempted groups may have
found loopholes in the new National Do Not Call List, but
telecom automation groundbreaker Bill Sasso of Digitone Communications
thwarts them again with his latest invention, the Privacy Call ID

A small, tabletop device designed for customers who subscribe to
Caller ID, the Privacy Call ID Screener allows only 'Invited' callers
to ring their phone. All other callers are handled as the consumer

Although the device is customizable, its use is simple. Callers on the
consumer's 'Invited' list ring through without interference, while
anonymous or unfamiliar callers are asked to identify themselves or
leave a message, without ringing the phone. Callers on the consumer's
'Excluded' list cannot ring the phone or leave a message, including
cell phone, out-of-state, and international callers.

"We call it 'Caller ID with attitude!'" says Sasso. "Now consumers can
choose who can ring their phone, and when, without the limits and
extra monthly charges from your telephone service provider. Using the
unit's Caller ID screen, it only takes a push of a button to add
callers to your 'Included' or 'Excluded' list. And, using the
'Wildcard' feature, the consumer can 'Invite' or 'Exclude' entire area
codes, prefixes or number sets. With the ID Screener, exemptions like
those to the National 'Do Not Call' List simply do not exist."

A snap to install, the Privacy Call ID Screener prevents telemarketing
calls, predictive dialers, misdialed numbers, hang-up calls, false
faxes, pollsters, political organizations, exes, creditors and anyone
else the consumer doesn't want to talk to ... ever again.

Additional benefits include a call-forwarding feature that, on a
single line, seamlessly connects 'Invited' callers to a cell phone or
alternate location, as well as a 'Do Not Disturb' mode. This feature
prevents all callers from ringing the phone during set hours, such as
bedtime and study time, either on a one-time or daily basis.

"The ID Screener is particularly useful for people who keep unusual
hours, such as those working the graveyard or swing shifts," says
Sasso. "During 'Do Not Disturb' hours, 'Invited' callers can leave a
message, but the phone will not ring, ensuring total privacy." A
secret emergency code is provided in case of emergencies.

The Privacy Call ID Screener is the latest addition to the Privacy
Call series, designed to help residential consumers and business
owners better manage their telephone communications and reduce monthly
telephone charges. Consisting of six different models, Privacy Call
Series products are available at the Privacy Call website
<a href=""></a> or by
calling (888) 833-5333.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: This sounds a great deal to me like the
old Privcode machine, which was popular back in the 1970's. It was
attached to the phone line, and was sensitive enough to go off hook at
the slightest hint of a change in voltage, so the phones

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