New Haven weather, was Verizon-PA ending weather forecast [Telecom]

New Haven weather, was Verizon-PA ending weather forecast [Telecom]

Post by MC » Tue, 02 Sep 2008 04:22:57

Thanks for bringing back a memory! I was in New Haven from 1978 to

I wish I had kept my New Haven phone book, which was titled "The Book
of Names" in an allusion to the very early history of SNET. Do they
still do this?

1. Update: I am now using Desktop Weather 5.01 by the Weather Channel in RTM.

2. SkippySky : New Astronomy weather forecast website

Hello All,

On the assumption that this Group has the odd astronomer or two on
here's a bit of shameless promotion for an IDL application produced by
Robert Dahni of Metvis Services and myself.

SkippySky takes GFS data from the NOAA NCEP computer model and
presents it in familiar weather map format. Many existing astronomy
weather forecast sites use the same data, but present information for
only 1 specified lat/lon point at a time.

SkippySky on the other hand, lets you see what weather is coming in
over the hill.

For the amateur astronomer in particular, the Dewing Risk index is
*not* Dew Point,
but rather an index of the risk of dew forming on a plane surface of a
given size, in
this case an 8" mirror, given the prevailing conditions.

The GFS data has a resolution of 0.5 degrees, so please think of
trends in the data, rather than what is over your backyard at any one

Have a look at

This year, Santa comes to you from the South Pole! 8-)

Lastly, many thanks to Michael Theusner of AviStack fame
for providing the website coding and Dewing Risk algorithm.

Have a Great Xmas,

Andrew Cool
Adelaide, South Australia

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