No answer on PPTP connection

No answer on PPTP connection

Post by srp33 » Wed, 02 Feb 2005 07:47:18

I'm trying to help our sister company allow our PPTP connections
through to their Cisco VPN 3005. When I try to connect, I get a "no
answer" error. The public interface has the standard public filter,
with the PPTP In and PPTP Out rules. They say that there's no other
packet filtering between the concentrator and the outside world. PPTP
is enabled, and it's allowed to the test user and group that I've
created. Does this sound like packets are getting dropped somewhere? I
don't see the connection attempt in the log (at least I don't think I



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Hi --

What functionality/benefits does the "Connect to Small Business Server"
connection created by the Remote Connection Manager give me over a regular
PPTP tunnel to the same server?

The immediately obvious differences between these two connection methods are
that the Remote Connection Manager connection allows for fewer
modifications. And a connection made through the RCM seems to route _all_
traffic through the SBS box. This is something I can control on a manually
created PPTP connection that I seem to have no control over on the RCM
connection. I don't really want a user connecting from home and checking her
Hotmail account to route that traffic back and forth through the office SBS
box ...


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