Nortel VPN won't connect - create socket fail error.

Nortel VPN won't connect - create socket fail error.

Post by michael.ay » Thu, 13 Nov 2003 06:47:41

was searching for the same problem and found a solution that works.
Cisco starts 2 services. One called CVPND and the other CVPNDRV. If
you perform a "net stop CVPND" nad "net stop CVPNDRV", the Nortel
client will run fine. we added 2 batch routinfes that the users can
click one to start the Nortel client, and the other to stop it. WIN98
should be the same. there is probably a "RUN" profile for each of
these, and you can disable them in "msconfig".

Hope that helps

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Here's some suggestions. Start with the XP box.
Remove any and all drivers from the NIC that don't need to be there,
the QoS stuff.
Turn off XPs built in Firewall, use IP only, etc..

Uninstall the Contivity client. Delete the Nortel directory.
Reinstall the client and put the XP box directly on the DSL connection
for testing).
If it works, put it behind the Linksys, if it fails, make sure you
firmware is up todate.

Once you get that to work (you may need to use brand name NICs), move
to the
98 box.

The 98 box will cause you grief if you have the Cisco VPN client on
If you're using IPSEC for the VPN, then I believe the LinkSys will
allow one PC at a time to use VPN.
You may be able to still use this, if you can put two NICs in it and
bind one "shim" to one NIC.
Nortel on one NIC, Cisco on the other. Hardware profiles may also be
to help here.

Good luck.

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