VPN with Netgear FVM318 ???

VPN with Netgear FVM318 ???

Post by Dae » Thu, 18 Dec 2003 14:05:29

After doing some searching, I picked up the Netgear FVM318. The problem
I now have is that the documentation is so bad, I need some assistance
setting it and the client software up. I can't believe the screen shots
in Netgear's documentation doesn't match what is actually in the
FVM318's GIU interface. The Safenet Client it comes with doesn't match
either. Sheesh!!

Someone please help.


VPN with Netgear FVM318 ???

Post by Stacy » Thu, 18 Dec 2003 22:34:24

I have the FVS318, not sure what the M vs S difference is. However, one
thing I did find in setting up the FVS318 is Netgear's telephone support is
pretty good ...very helpful (and patient). What particular area are you
having problems with?


VPN with Netgear FVM318 ???

Post by Dae » Fri, 19 Dec 2003 11:03:06


Because of the bad documentation, I don't know where my problem is. Let
me show you below how my routers VPN is set up. Please look it over and
let me know what needs to be changed. I think the problem is that I
don't know what info they are looking for in the fields like Local IPSec
Identifer, Remote IPSec Identifer, Remote LAN IP, etc... BTW, I do have
a static IP address. Thanks!!

Netgear FVM318

Local IPSec Identifier HOME

Remote IPSec Identifier

Remote LAN IP Address

Remote LAN Subnet Mask

Remote WAN IP Address

Secure Association Main Mode

Perfect Forward Secrecy Enabled

Encryption Protocol 3DES
PreShared Key testhome
Key Life Seconds 3600 sec
IKE Life Time Seconds 28800 sec