WRV54G Linksys

WRV54G Linksys

Post by Bob » Mon, 08 Mar 2004 23:39:56

Anyone loaded the latest firmware from Linksys version 2.21 with a release
date of 2-23-2004? I have and I can not browse workgroup from a wireless
computer, but the wired ones are OK. Also, I use a DDNS name to update from
the WRV54G and it worked fine until the latest firmware, Now it is disabled
and there is no way I can enable it.

I have sent mail to Linksys support but heard nothing back,


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I am having all kinds of trouble getting the following to work:

WinXP IPSec <-> Linksys WRT54G <-> (Internet) <-> Linksys WRV54G <->
Local LAN

(The WRT54G is a non-VPN router)

I have been trying for two days to setup a VPN tunnel between the
IPSec client and the WRV54G so that I can access the Local LAN on the
other side of the WRV54G. I have followed the Linksys documentation
closely for setting up the IPSec client and the the WRV54G, but I have
had no success pinging a computer on the Local LAN from the IPSec
client. I get four 'Negotiating IP Security' messages and that's it.

I have also replaced WRV54G with a D-Link DI-804HV and couldn't get
that to work either. I did see on the D-Link logs that both a level 1
and level 2 connection was established, but I still couldn't ping the
local LAN from the IPSec client.

I can ping the WAN side of the WRV54G from the IPSec client, and I can
ping the WAN side of the WRT54G router from the Local LAN, so I know
they are seeing each other.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I might try?

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