X-Kryptor - Has anyone ever got one working yet?

X-Kryptor - Has anyone ever got one working yet?

Post by jonnywalke » Thu, 24 Mar 2005 01:32:09


Wondered if anybody has ever managed to get an X-Kryptor VPN encryption
device working before? Can't find any information on the net about
this device, except a few reviews that briefly mention its name.

It comes with extremely poor documentation that is almost completely
useless. As a test I'm trying to setup a very basic network just to try
and get something working.

I am doing the following:

X-Kryptor box:
LAN A interface configured with IP
LAN B interface configured with IP
Laptop connected directed to LAN B interface using a cross-over cable
and configured with IP address and default gateway

LAN A interface on the X-Kryptor is connected to a network on the
192.168.0.x range comprising WinNT domain controller, WINS server, DNS
server etc.

According to X-Kryptor documentation it is fine to have the same IP
address on both interfaces as the device is not a router of any kind.
Also because apparently anything that goes in one interface on the
X-Kryptor just gets encrypted or decrypted and sent out the other

We have configured the client software with a range of and specified that traffic to these
destinations gets routed to the X-Kryptor ( Apparently by
specifying this entire range the client is effectively in 'Full
Lock-down' mode. This should that any request from the laptop is sent
to the X-Kryptor.

I can successfully make a connection to the Web Administration page on
the X-Kryptor via it's LAN B interface. The X-Kryptor shows this secure
connection exists on the the LCD display on the front of the device.

So the problem: Nothing else works! Can't connect, ping or get any
response from anything the other side of the X-Kryptor box. All things
that the X-Kryptor representatives said you should be able to do.

Has anybody even heard of the device before? There are very few
references to it on the Internet at all, and the ones I found are
people suggesting use of the box. But none of them have actually used
it themselves!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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