VPN and playing Worms?

VPN and playing Worms?

Post by Rizzl » Mon, 15 Sep 2003 04:52:54


I am no expert on this area, and would appreciate some answers.

I've been wondering with a friend of mine, if we can create a VPN between
our computers and play Worms World Party via local network area?

If possible, could anyone please give us a hint how to do this? How do we
create VPN between our computers in the first place? Are there some special
programs that do this, or is it simply done by a firewall program?

Cheers in advance!!!



2. Norton AntiVirus 2007's Internet Worm Protection Killing PPTP VPN


I have installed and registered Norton AntiVirus 2007 & updated to program
version I have NAV 2007 installed on a fully-patched Windows XP
Professional machine, of which I have installed and configured a PPTP VPN
Server (XP's built-in VPN Server software). I have created an Internet Worm
Protection General Rule which allows for the VPN connection to connect
(allowed incoming connections from TCP Port 1723), via a client computer;
however, the VPN connection only lasts for a few seconds to a few minutes,
when NAV 2007 disconnects the VPN connection. If I completely turn off the
Internet Worm Protection software, the VPN connection is established and
remains connected. However, with the Internet Worm Protection software
enabled, the VPN connection will not stay connected. I am aware that
Symantec is aware of this specific issue, namely, that the Internet Worm
Protection piece does not allow PPTP connections, by default. However, it is
supposed to be possible, by creating a "General Rule," allowing the specific
ports to pass through the Internet Worm Protection piece. However, the
Internet Worm Protection software piece does not allow for a proper
configuration of a PPTP VPN pass-through rule, at least, not one that I am
able to configure. I know that Symantec is aware of this issue, at least
since December of 2006. My question is how can I configure NAV 2007 to not
only allow the PPTP VPN connections to connect, but, to allow these same
connections to remain connected, until the connected client computers request
a disconnect? In other words, what needs to be configured or how should NAV
2007 be configured to allow for a proper PPTP VPN pass-through to take place?

Thank you.


Dylan James

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