cisco vpn client seems to collide with windows internet connection sharing.

cisco vpn client seems to collide with windows internet connection sharing.

Post by season ac » Sat, 14 Apr 2007 00:48:47

On Mar 31, 12:45 pm, Rick Merrill < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

The cisco client has a built-in firewall -- right-click the icon in
the systray.. and see if STATEFUL FIREWALL is check. By default I
believe it's enabled..
you should disable it if you want to use netshares... There are other
things I noticed that the cisco client is doing such as intercepting
DHCP (not related to the built-in firewall) --- I've been using Zmesh
along side with the Cisco Client -- works really well. Zmesh is a
really nice easy-to-use vpn solution for beginners and experts and
takes away all the complexities of voice chatting, file transferring,
video conferencing, desktop sharing. Zmesh

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I use Cisco VPN client at work to connect to:
1. the *production* network, when I am in office
2. the *office* network, when I am out of office.

Sometimes I need to connect to the production network when I am out of
office. Ideally, I would like to connect to VPN 2 and then to VPN 1
(i.e. a VPN within another VPN).
Is this feature supported by Cisco VPN client?
[apparently, Windows XP integrated IPsec supports it, but then Windows
XP does not support group authentication, which I need]


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