Help - Sonicwall VPN client can't see the internet only internal LAN

Help - Sonicwall VPN client can't see the internet only internal LAN

Post by brianwalwo » Sun, 07 Dec 2003 05:09:30

I'm having a hell of a time setting up remote VPN users using the
Sonicwall Global VPN client (ver

Our network has three mail offices, Chicago (, San Diego
( & Wash DC ( San Diego & Wash DC both
have T1's with a SonicWall Pro 100 in NAT mode. The Chicago office
has a multi T internet connection with a Sonicwall Pro 330 in NAT

I have a Hub-n-Spoke VPN WAN between the sites with Chicago being
the hub. From my workstation I can ping anything on the whole
network, the VPN's between the sites are working great.

The problem is with a remote VPN user.

I've setup the GroupVPN on each Sonicwall with the default LAN
gateway pointing the that sonicwall's internal IP address, the VPN
terminates at the LAN, & Forward packets from remote VPNs is on.
Under the client setting, Set Default Route as this Gateway is set
to ON & Allow Traffic is set to Any destination.

A remote user can link to their Sonicwall (Chi, San Diego or DC) and
see anything on the network (all subnets). However, the use can't
see the internet. I understand that all internet traffic is being
routed thru the VPN. What seems to be happening is that none of the
internet traffic is being sent back to the remote user or it's never
getting past the Sonicwall.

Another odd thing was when I set the VPN to terminate at the DMZ or
DMZ/LAN, the SonicWall would freeze and the only way to get back was
to pull the power and restart (not fun when the Sonicwall is in
another city).

Thanks in advance for any help

Brian Walworth

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