How to securely remotely access BEFVP41

How to securely remotely access BEFVP41

Post by Richar » Sat, 07 Feb 2004 00:18:44


I have a Linksys BEFVP41 router which works great.

However, every now and then I need to access the router when I am out of the

I can access the router remotely without any problems; however, I am
concerned that the password I enter to access the router is not encrypted.
Is there a way to remotely access the BEFVP41 securely? i.e. using https
rather than http?

The accessing is done with different computers in different locations, some
with dial-up, so a VPN tunnel is not an option.

Yours truly,


How to securely remotely access BEFVP41

Post by Frank Wina » Wed, 18 Feb 2004 11:50:42

"Richard" wrote
If you've got a linux box on that lan; the router is publishing a web page to the
lan side {if this works you can turn off the public access to it}, and the squid
package on linux will make it seem as if that linux server is publishing that page;
download the free PUTTY.EXE program, click on Tunnels and forward local port
80 of the winbox to of the linux box. Open the winbox's web
browser and point it at http://localhost/ and you'll be connected to the linux
box's localhost port 80, which squid proxies over to the router's web page.
Minor gotcha; if your winbox is sharing a connection using ICS, don't browse
to ; stick
to spelling it http://localhost/ and you should be jake. Umm, haven't tried this yet.
Oh, and you must use putty to login to linux {any userid will suffice} before
you can open the web page. If you don't need that login session for any other use,
is ok to logoff once your web session is open; the login session will print a polite
message and 'hang' there until all forwared port tcp/ip sessions are closed later.
Putty fits on a floppy, and is mostly standalone; it just uses registry entries {or
some file?} to maintain signatures of already-seen distant ssh servers, but
otherwise leaves nothing on the winbox. Very handy indeed.


How to securely remotely access BEFVP41

Post by funaram » Thu, 19 Feb 2004 08:50:58

Here's your solution. Brand new Linksys product. USB/Firewall/VPN

Connect via a VPN connection and administer via your private LAN.

Read about it here. Anyone whose wanting to avoid the hassle of 3rd
party software or XP/2000 VPN clients. I'd recommend this option.

How to securely remotely access BEFVP41

Post by Frank Wina » Fri, 20 Feb 2004 07:52:41

"Frank Winans" wrote
I tried it out {used a dlink pocket printer adapter web page instead of a real BEFVP41]
and it worked ok. And I was wrong, you don't need squid for this.