netgear 318 os x <-> netgear 318 os x mixed success

netgear 318 os x <-> netgear 318 os x mixed success

Post by sicapita » Thu, 14 Apr 2005 19:12:46

I wonder if someone could clear something up for me.

I can get the Netgear 318's to show up as "Active" in the VPN Status
which means they're working. the subnets are different... one is and the other is onwards.. i forget the proper
syntax but you get what i mean. anyway the router says they connect
fine. now what is it I have to exactly do to be able to let the network to connect to the network?
keeping in mind this is over os x... i have opened appletalk service,
but do i have to do that for all ip numbers specifically or whats the
deal? surely they dont really want me to input 254 specific ports for
each machine. Really we just want to see one computer with one IP on
one side. and maybe some printers.. but nothign shows up when we
browse the network.

am i missing something or should it just work out of the box when its

an airport base station is dishing out ip addresses on our side, but
this shouldnt effect anything

any help appreciated thanks`