Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects updates for July 15, 2004

Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects updates for July 15, 2004

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The following updates are from the Internet-based Distributed Computing
Projects website ( ). These updates
cover public distributed computing projects (projects in which anyone can

July 15, 2004

- ( #photonsoup )
Photon Soup 2 missed some large updates from clients, and now has 382 billion
photons rendered. The images were updated on July 13. If you have results
with more than 10 billion photons, you can still submit them.

- more of ( #findadrug )
Find-a-Drug's potential cancer-fighting *** were confirmed to be effective
in laboratory tests as of July 2

- ( #climateprediction ) has completed 2 million model years of simulation as
of July 5. Also, an advanced visualization package is available for Windows
as of today

- ( #dfolding )
Distributed Folding began releasing protein targets on July 6 for the CASP6
competition. The project should release a new protein target every Tuesday
around 10:30 AM EST (15:30 UTC). The latest target T0102 was released on
July 13

- the new ( #setiathome )
SETI@home project server is still having growing pains. Users should expect
it to be occasionally unavailable over the next day or two.

- as of June 30,
( #rieselsieve ) Riesel
Sieve has tested all n less than 1 million for its 65 k values

- version 1.1 of the
( #pancakes ) Pancakes
client is available as of June 24

- new ( #0408 ) news
article: Sheep in Shining Armor: Let your PC join an army of several million
others and save the world--while you sleep

Kirk Pearson, editor of Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects
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