Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects updates for November 16, 2004

Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects updates for November 16, 2004

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The following updates are from the Internet-based Distributed Computing
Projects website ( ). These updates
cover public distributed computing projects (projects in which anyone can

November 16, 2004

- new active life sciences project:
( #proteome ) Human
Proteome Folding. Note that
( #wcg ) World
Community Grid and
( #grid ) are running this project together. If you are currently
participating in's cancer research project, you do not need to
register at World Community Grid to participate in Human Proteome Folding.

- new computing platform:
( #wcg ) World
Community Grid. This platform, in partnership with
( #grid ), plans to release 3 to 5 new projects per year.

- ( #gridcancer )
United Devices Cancer Research posted a project update today: 400 compounds
from the second phase of the project (LigandFit) have been synthesized and
tested in a lab. Between 2-4% of them show activity. Typically less than
0.1% of compounds from computer-simulated screening show activity. The next
step for the successful compounds "is to persuade pharmaceutical or
biotechnology companies to take up these experimentally verified hits and to
test them further."

- ( #capcal ) Capacity
Calibration ended yesterday. It will be replaced by a new for-pay project
(more details about the new project will be available soon).

- ( #predictor )
Predictor@home is migrating to its new project servers and to the BOINC
4.x platform: it hopes to restart its project in 2 weeks

- new ( #041116 ) news
article: an overview of ( ) IBM and
( #grid )'s ( ) World Community Grid

- new ( #041112 ) news
article: an experiment to create a Linux cluster from 8
( ) Xboxes

Kirk Pearson, editor of Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects
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