Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects updates for November 9, 2004

Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects updates for November 9, 2004

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The following updates are from the Internet-based Distributed Computing
Projects website ( ). These updates
cover public distributed computing projects (projects in which anyone can

November 9, 2004

- ( ap-lsciences.html#foldingathome ) Folding@home's lead developer and
research scientist Guha Jayachandran has won the top award at
( ) BCATS 2004, and project coordinator Professor
Vijay Pande has been named a 2004 Technovator

- the ( #primesierpinski )
Prime Sierpinski Project had its first birthday yesterday. In its first
year it eliminated 11 k by finding 11 primes, and sieved to 40 trillion.
Its goals for the next year are to reach at least n=2.5 million for PRP,
to find serveral new primes, and to sieve to 100 trillion. Also, the
project now only uses the llrnet automated client to distribute work and
collect results.

- ( #12121 ) 12121 Search
found prime 121 * 2^1038865 - 1 (313,063 digits) on November 7

- debugging version 4.41g of the
( #muon ) Distributed
Particle Accelerator Design client is available as of November 6. This
version should be tried by users of the 4.41f version if the 4.41f client
crashes or stops.

- new tool:
( #udmonitor ) UD
Monitor allows you to cache multiple work units for
( #grid )
and ( #foldingathome )

Kirk Pearson, editor of Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects
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