FileNet EBR Errors

FileNet EBR Errors

Post by WArtma » Thu, 29 Apr 2004 02:44:46

We are running EBR backups on Filenet software and are now
encountering problems with the backup. It has been running fine for a
few years now. Recently, our DBAs added a few data files to existing
tablespaces. Since that happened, the EBR backups have been failing
with a <222,0,3029> error code. Does anyone have any info on EBR error
codes? I've been to the FileNet web site as well as searched the
newsgroups to no avail.

Any info or direction would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks


FileNet EBR Errors

Post by Gerold Kro » Thu, 29 Apr 2004 18:49:36

The error means:

<EBR,0,3029> BRDl: disk read error

and could be a lot of things. There is a more elaborative log (usually quite
big) called EBRsomething, where something is date and time.It could tell you
more (especially on which datafile the error occurs).

You also neglect to mention platform, version and if you are running site-
or FileNet controlled database.

My first shot would be a protection problem on eiter the datafiles or the
links (if UNIX) in /fnsw/dev/1

Hope this helps,


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