Help for choosing Document Management System

Help for choosing Document Management System

Post by Gian A .Bi » Wed, 05 Nov 2003 10:12:42

Hi Group

I am looking for a small Document Management System to be used for Project
Management purposes. I prefer a web-based solution, whereof the server part
can be run on a linux box (mandatory). The System will not have to handle a
high volume of documents: There will be a maximum of approximately 1000

It should fulfill the following requirements:

Web based solution
server side running on a linux box
capable of handling around 1000 docs
support full text search in pdf docs
access control through user and role based access rules
tracking of user accesses to documents
easy user interface
document storage in filesystem tree, not inside a database
Opensource would be great, commercial is ok as long as pricing is moderate

Since this is my first project deploying a document management system, i
would appreciate any hints.



Help for choosing Document Management System

Post by Patrick Ca » Thu, 06 Nov 2003 01:25:36


have a look at COI-BusinessFlow ( ).
See below for comments on your requirements.


Web Client exists
Linux is supported and very often used
no problem
full-text-search can be integrated
hard to say, but it is oriented on Windows-Explorer-Interface
all documents are stored in filesystem
It's a commercial solution.


Help for choosing Document Management System

Post by defalc » Mon, 17 Nov 2003 17:19:06

Take a look at Owl
it seems to meet your needs.