Linking several word documents to one doc

Linking several word documents to one doc

Post by martinkw » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 01:39:14


does anybody know a way how to link several word documents ( or any
other similar software ) to one document in a automatic way.
( Script language, kind of linking function or software )

So, if i have


...??? ( here I don't know what to do )

i need the result


with all the chapters ..01 to 03 inside this.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion


Linking several word documents to one doc

Post by rwoodso » Fri, 23 Jan 2004 07:03:24

Word will allow subdocuments. Check help or Microsoft Help / Tech

Basically pick a folder for your document.
Create the Master Document.
Click on Outline View
Type headings for doc title and sub documents (hit enter after each
Name these the real chapter heading.
Use a Heading style for each header
From the outlining toolbar click "Create Subdocument"

Dare I say,,, don't forget saves. Save Early, Save Often.

Word will create separate documents that are called the same names as
the chapter headings in the directory where the master document is. You can
now work on a separate chapter without opening the whole Word document. This
is great if your document is going to be greater then the 100 pages that
Word normally chokes on.

When you want to print or send the whole thing, open the Master document
and all subdocuments, do what you may. It seems to handle pagination OK from
the Master document. However Tracking and Linking only work if you have the
Master open as well as the linked reference.


Linking several word documents to one doc

Post by martinkw » Fri, 23 Jan 2004 19:19:55


Thanks for Your answer. It works well.

But there is one problem left. We have here to manage many documents
and chapters of a technical documentation in many variations. Is it
possible to perform the way suggested by rwoodson in a automatic way (
like a script or whatever ) ?

So, that we will reach the point that we may " generate " our master
document only by pressing " a button " or triggered by a meta - system
around that, like a program or a database...

What we seek is to call a function like the make tool from the
programer's world. The call is for example:

make module1.c module2.c module3.c --> program.exe

For word we need something similar

SeekedTool chapter01.doc chapter02.doc .. --> master.doc

The chapter names should be taken out of the chapter doc. The chapter
numbering should be done by itself.

Thanks in advance for any help an special for rwoodson


Linking several word documents to one doc

Post by rwoodso » Fri, 30 Jan 2004 04:47:29

ord will strain trying to automate the process you describe.

There are several possible solutions.
First, There is a product called Interleaf which made a great word
processing tool by the same name. It could handle the really big documents
like you describe. It was used for technical manuals for military aircraft,
auto companies, drug companies, and many others. There was also a group of
consultants there in Germany that are experts that you could contact. They
could automate your process. (Works on UNIX too)

Second, You could write a macro to automate your process. I used
something like this a long time ago to create a button on the tool bar that
ran the macro which updated some fields from a database. The macro can be
created using the macro recorder or the Visual Basic Editor.

Third, Have you considered Source Safe or another configuration tool to
store the individual documents? I am using this to store my versions of the
document, and when I need the whole document, I check all the documents out,
then add the sub-documents to the master for TOC updating and printing. Each
master document is considered a separate project, but this allows more then
one person to work on the document. Many CVS systems automate the macro
process whereby you could do your "Build" using the CVS tool.

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Linking several word documents to one doc

Post by rwoodso » Sat, 31 Jan 2004 01:20:58

artin wrote:
Yes... we have installed a Linux server with CVS on it :


WinCVS (and all other CVS software) has a command line interface. Look
at the commands closely.

Write your Word macro to use the WinCVS commands so that you end up with
a completed master document. I don't know what the exact commands are but
basically you should check in the current document, check out the master
document and all the subdocuments, and open the master document. Then, from
the initial macro, run a second macro that puts the master document into
outline view, opens the sub-documents, and puts the master (and
sub-documents) into print layout view for printing or additional editing. .

I am a big fan of having macros run macros, scripts running scripts.
It's easier to debug.

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