UK Document Management Company

UK Document Management Company

Post by white » Fri, 23 Jul 2004 10:11:34

Hi everyone, just found this newsgroup so Id thought id put a post up for
the company that I work for, we are called DMC Ltd (Document management
concultants) and we have our own document management software all written in
house. We have many Large customers in cluding the Police Federation of
England and Wales

our website is its in the procces of being rebuilt so not
much on there at the momment, but drop us an email or give us a ring and we
will be happy to help you


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Hi everybody,

in our company we are planning the integration of our softwareprocess into a
tool-envioronment. At the first look the rational solution seems right to
us. It supports most stages of the software process from
requirements-analysis over implementation to the testing and releasing. But
after we heared about the costs of this solutions, we decided to look
elswhere for similar solution. But unfurtunatly We found no another fully
integrated envionment on the marked. However we found products which are
covering only a part of the whole requirements.

Microsoft team services (document management system)
Subversion (source code management)
Serena (isuue tracking)

I am not sure about the reason for the seperation of document management and
source code management-systems. It seems to me that the core features of a
source code-mamagement-system is the change-tracking in text-files and the
integration in the developers IDE. The core point of the document management
system is the serching and change-tracking in binary documents, like

Is might be a way to build up two differnt systems for document management
and sourcecode management under a 3rd system that leads thru the whole
software process with bug-and issue-tracking and configuration and
release-management (e.g. serena). This way would use some glue between the
different systems.

Can someone point me to some information on building up such an integrated
system or give me some hints what has to be noticed on such kind of project.

many thanks in advance


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