WHY interested in 'Beginning DSP' --- was [ Beginning DSP]

WHY interested in 'Beginning DSP' --- was [ Beginning DSP]

Post by Richard Ow » Wed, 06 Jul 2005 04:12:30

then wrote
> I want to make an OGG Vorbis player [snip]

Does this "compute" ?
As stated your *primary* goal is "doing DSP programming".
Your *secondary* goal would be "an OGG Vorbis player" as a means of
accomplishing *primary* goal.

I feel there's a fallacy of some sort here. GUT feel.
I could understand if you stated:
"I wish to create an OGG Vorbis player. What DSP programming skills do I
need and how would I obtain them?"

BTW - I had to Google for "OGG Vorbis" to know what you were talking
about ;}

> [snip] I don't know, however, what equipment or resources I need
> to do the physical end of things. I imagine there are several things
> involved. Can anyone direct me to any resources regarding the
> following items:

That and some of your comments *PLUS* reference to possibility of
starting with creating "pure tones" from "digital source" makes me
wonder if a significant part of your _unstated_ goal might be acquiring
various hardware ( including analog ) skills.

I suggest the following series of experiments which only require a PC
with a parallel port ( PC with serial port for extra credit ;) to
develop some very basic hardware skills. { programming skills also ;}

1. Light 1 of 8 LEDs for x Milliseconds
2. Light n of 8 LEDs for x Milliseconds
3. Design a 8 bit DA converter which will hold value for x Milliseconds
4. Drive headphone/spkr with output of #3 with reasonably pure tone of
100 to 1000 Hz

Now I intended to go towards "manual skills"
I'm *more than* old enough to think "Heathkit".
Unfortunately when I Googled for Heathkit my primary hit was "Heathkit
Virtual Museum".

Is there a current equivalent?

--- explanatory material for experienced engineers in group

In early 70's as engineering Coop I was required to create test
procedure for a CRUDE 4 channel oscilloscope.

I wrote it.
It worked.
Company procedure required test procedures to be 'vetted' by technician
outside of group.

I turned over the prototype and my "verified" procedure to a tech who
had *MORE* experience than I. He could not 'center display'. Center
would traced an oval. I had stated "Rotate magnets on neck of CRT to
center display."

My tech experience included TV service.
His did not.

He rotated magnet assembly as unit.

I *KNEW* to also adjust separation of 'ears' when rotating.


WHY interested in 'Beginning DSP' --- was [ Beginning DSP]

Post by Ben Bradle » Wed, 06 Jul 2005 14:44:07

On Mon, 04 Jul 2005 14:12:30 -0500, Richard Owlett

Not really, but a few companies have small kits that consist of
electronic parts, a PCB, and instructions. Here's one such, kits are
only a portion of their busines - click the kit link on the right:


http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ~benbradley


WHY interested in 'Beginning DSP' --- was [ Beginning DSP]

Post by Alex Gibso » Wed, 06 Jul 2005 15:49:34

www.jaycar.com.au sells a couple of kits just like you describe(ship
worldwide I think).
Problem is what os you are using and what additional software you need if
any(port driver like port95nt.exe).
Or if your pc has any parallel or serial ports.
If not then need a usb to serial converter.

Cheaper and easier to go for a cheap microcontroller board

www.futurlec.com sell quite a few