ask Help for C6713 DSPLIB

ask Help for C6713 DSPLIB

Post by leewav » Thu, 02 Dec 2010 18:01:30

Hi all,
I am programming with dsplibC67x.lib on C6713 DSK. As everyone
knows, there are lots of bugs and special requirements in dsplibC67x
v2.0. For example, function DSPF_sp_mat_mul(float *x,int r1,int
c1,float *y,int c2,float *r) is used for matrix multiplication, but it
needs r1, c1, c2 >1. Unfortunately, I have to do a multiplication
(Mx1)x(1xN). What can I do to handle this? (I know do-not-use it is a
I wonder if there is an available substitute for this dsplib? If I
rebuild dsplibC674x for C671x platforms, can it works well for C6713?
Is there still any restrictions (DSPF_sp_mat_mul() as an example)?
Thank you in advance.
Li Bo

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I need some help in using the functions in DSPLIB for FFT etc for
DSK6713. Whenever I use the function DSPF_sp_cfftr2_dit(...) something
goes wrong, it runs without halting at break points and when I halt
the CPU it says problem halting the CPU and it asks me to Reset the
emulator. The code is linked with dsp67x.lib.
Is it good to use this library or just write my own FFT function?
Awaiting suggestions.

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