[vi] using modelines (was: setting tab length from within perl file)

[vi] using modelines (was: setting tab length from within perl file)

Post by Antony Scr » Tue, 01 Apr 2008 20:00:15

On Mar 31, 2:30 am, Bob Harris

> In article

> > Hi
> > I'm editing perl files with the hp's original files
> > I was wondering if there was a way to add a line to the
> > perl file so that when the vi editor reads the file it
> > sets ts to 4. I saw an old example for c files. Like
> > /* vi:set ts=4: */
> > can the same be done in perl files
> I've been using
> # vim: ts=4 noexpandtab
> NOTE: there is no 'set' in my usage.

That won't work in vi. Time to change the subject line.

> The mode line must be within a couple of lines of the
> beginning or end of the file. Whatever
> :set modelines?
> says is your limit.
> Also 'modeline' must be enabled
> :set modeline?
> to see what it is set to when you edit a file

I reckon that could be the problem too, but in HP-UX vi
'modeline' doesn't exist; you can only turn it on or
off using :set modlines or :set ml --Antony

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This seems like it should be an easy thing to do, I just can't figure
out how. I've got a series of files that I need to do a long list of
'find and replace's on. Someone has also nicely provided me with a
file that contains all of the vi commands to do all of these 'find and
replace's, e.g. the file is a long list of

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:g/HB2 LEU/s//HB1 LEU/g

Instead of cuting and pasting each and every ':g ...' line into vi to
do each find and replace I'd like to just read in the file that
contains the commands and execute them on the file that I'm editing.
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script to do the above but I'm curious to see if I can do it in vi
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