ODBC-connection problems with Access application on terminal s

ODBC-connection problems with Access application on terminal s

Post by UGFrLU1pbm » Sat, 28 Mar 2009 12:18:10

Yes, please post the exact phrase of the error message. But I guess this is
an error message outputted by your application, not the ODBC layer.

Therefore, you may try to turn on ODBC Trace:
1. type odbcad32.exe in cmd.exe
2. Trace tab
3. Edit the trace file
4. Click "Start Trace now"

Then, you will find the error message from ODBC layer is now printed on the
log file specified in step 3.

WDAC Team, Microsoft.

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1. ODBC-connection problems with Access application on terminal server

2. Access 95 ODBC problems over terminal services

We have an Access 95 database that has a set of linked
tables via an ODBC to our SQL 2000 SP3 server.

When I open up a terminal services session (via Citrix),
I'm able to define my ODBC conncetion through Control
Panel->Administrative Tools->ODBC Data Sources. I make
sure the ODBC connection is ok - it even tests out ok.

As soon as I open up Access 95 and attempt to use that
particular ODBC connection, I get the following error:

Connection failed:
SQLState: "01000"
SQL Server Error: 10093
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP Sockets]
ConnectionOpn )Initialize()()).
Connection failed:
SQL State: "08001"
SQL Server Error: 11
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP Sockets]General
network error. Check your network documentation.

A few things I've tried (and notes):

1. I can ping the SQL server by both name and ip address
2. Both citrix server and SQL Server are on the same
3. I am logged on as an Administrator thorughout this.
4. Using the same ODBC Data Source through Access 2000 to
link tables works perfectly.

I'm believing it's something to do with the ODBC
drivers/libraries Access 95 is using - perhaps they're not
compatible with Terminal Services.

Unfortunately, our Access Database has A LOT of VBA code
written for Access 95 that cannot be easily upgraded to
Access 2000, so we're trying to find a work around.

Any ideas out there?

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