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Dear All

Please help in finding out what I'm doing wrong
I'm trying to lock a record on SQL server using ODBC connectio
in a chosen table.
I define a sql query string. Then I open a query usin
Open api on my CRecordset object (say oRS
then accrding to recommedation of MSDN on setLockMod
I'm tring to execute


and then locking would be to execut


Unfortunatelly I got an exception from
with an errorCode 1012 and a message "Requested lock mode
is not supported""

Can anyone explain me why is it so? Is it possible that SQL server
ODBC drive doesn't support such a mode of locking. Or rather
am I doing something wrong

Any help appreciate

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This must be a common question, but I don't know the

If a form has record locking set to No Locks and the user
tries to update fields into a locked record, his input is
accepted, then discarded when the optimistic lock fails,
after displaying a dialog box indicating the record is
locked and by whom.

If the form has record locking set to Edited Record, input
is not accepted, and the user simply sees an unresponsive
form with no feedback. When viewing the form as a dataset,
the user sees an interdit symbol as soon as anything is
input. In the same fashion, how can the form view react to
the first input and display a locked message?

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