sql 3a service pack not installing

sql 3a service pack not installing

Post by SqlJunkies » Fri, 29 Oct 2004 22:57:14

The problem happens when SP3a attempts to verify the user for the upgrade. It doesn't matter if we check the Windows Account or SQL login to
perform the upgrade. When it tries to verify the user, it can't and we have to cancel out of the upgrade.

-Full SQL Server 2000 installed on Windows 2000
-MDAC is 2.8 RTM
-SP3a will not install because it cannot verify user either in Windows Auth. or SQL Logon.
-Have installed all the latest patches from windows updates.
-Tried changing the sa password
Enterprise manager sees the database and we can set properties, such as authentication. Any ideas on why we cannot log on using either Windows Auth. or SA? Or how we can get SP3a to install?

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