vb connect to access 2000

vb connect to access 2000

Post by michae » Fri, 14 Nov 2003 23:19:11

when i upgrade the access 97 to access 2000
i discover i can not use vb6 to connect the access
2000,during i use data control or vb coding.
But i can do that before????
can you help me ??

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I had developed an client/server application in VB 6 where in I do not know in advance where the MS access data base 2000 is installed Like I have given path as APP.path & \Mydb.mdb. How I could write the same for Data environment where in the path is to supplied at run time only.

I hope I am clear. Pl mail me the solution


V.Venkata Ramana

From http://www.yqcomputer.com/ "Test+connection+failed+because+of+an+error+in+initializing+provider.+Cannot+start+your+application.+The+workgroup+information+file+is+missing+or+opened+exclusively+by+another+user.".&btnG=Search&meta=&aq=f&oq=

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