Domino Server connection problems ... NotesSQL

Domino Server connection problems ... NotesSQL

Post by Wyat » Wed, 02 Apr 2008 21:17:12

Domino Server connection problems ... NotesSQL

Trying to create a System DSN for SQLServer 2K using the NotesSQL 8.0 ODBC

I was unable to set the ODBC up as a System DSN as I receive the following
error: 'The setup routines for the
Lotus NotesSQL Driver (*.nsf) ODBC driver could not be loaded due to system
error code 126'

I had to set it up as a file DSN. This seems to work but I cannot use it to
create an SQL Linked Server. I keep getting errors:

'7399 Invalid Connection String attribute]
(not sure what I was supposed to enter in the 'Product String' dialog box)
Datasource name not found and no default driver specified]....'

The file DSN was setup OK. I know this because I can use it as a connection
DTS and successfully import various tables (although it does not work with
import wizard?)

How to solve the system DSN problem? Otherwise
does anyone know if I can use the file DSN to setup a linked server?

If so, what do I put in the 'provider string' and 'catelog' dialogs.

Any help much appreciated. XXXX@XXXXX.COM

Domino Server connection problems ... NotesSQL

Post by UGFrLU1pbm » Sun, 08 Jun 2008 19:07:01

A search on internet suggests:

- add the NotesSQL directory (usually c:\notessql) and the directory where
your notes.ini files is located (Usually c:\program files\lotus\notes) to
your system path.
- restart ODBC Administrator

Reference: ,339024547,320282240,00.htm

MDAC Team, Microsoft.

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