Coding for Inserting Combo Box right

Coding for Inserting Combo Box right

Post by TmV3YmllIC » Wed, 20 Dec 2006 14:00:01

Hi, I look in the msdn and found an application demo call enroll. URL -->

If I want to populate the combo box with info, all it need is to put the
following code is it

void CSpace::OnInitialUpdate() // CSpace is my CRecordView
m_pSet = &GetDocument()->m_databaseInfo;

CIppcmDoc* pDoc = GetDocument();

// m_3D.ResetContent();
while (!pDoc->m_databaseInfo.IsEOF())
// m_3D.SetCurSel(0);


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I have a combo box on a form which is based on table tblMachine. On that
combo box I have four columns visible MachineNumber, description, location
and type. The bound column is the MachineNumber and this is not set to 0 as
the machines have its number on which means the user should know the machine
number. My problem is if the user doesn't know the number. I have a button
which changes the row source of the combo box to order by description, but
when the user starts to type the description the relevant record does not
come up as machine number is still visible. Is it possible, when I change
the row source to also make the first column width 0 through code?

I also want to enable the user to search the combo box leaving the drop down
filled with the search results.
I also have an unbound textbox for the user to enter their search terms, but
I am not sure of the next step

Thanks in advance


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