Creating Multiple ODBC System DSNs

Creating Multiple ODBC System DSNs

Post by mroac » Fri, 24 Oct 2003 10:30:45

Have been searching Google for a solution, but don't see one. I see
several examples of code, none of which have successfully created a
System DSN from a command button in a spreadsheet that executes VBA

I'd ultimately like to take a list of 30 project names and 30
corresponding mdb path+file names from an Excel spreadsheet, press a
button and create 30 DSN's.

If I can to work for one pair of project names and mdb files
(hardcoded), I think I know enough about VBA to hack my way into
reading the 30 pairs into the routine.

This is necessary because a vendor's program requires a System DNS to
access a mdb file. We have multiple projects on a network. Each of
about 35 members of my staff need to have all these DNS's setup on
their PC's.

Suggestions would be much appreciated (other than get another
application that doesn't require DNS's).

Thanks, Mark