Social GIS Workshops: Training By GIS

Social GIS Workshops: Training By GIS

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It is estimated that approximately 80 percent of all data has a
spatial component. By using this locational information, we can take
data directly from a spreadsheet and place them on a map. Once we are
able to visualize this data, we can view patterns and trends not
readily visible in a table or chart.

GIS (Geographic Information System) gives us the ability to integrate
information about a place to give us a better understanding of that
place. Whether we want to site a new business, analyze crime
patterns, evaluate disease distribution, or examine the demographics
of our communities, GIS technology will aid us in our endeavors.


GIS?is currently offering two workshops that focus on the social
applications of GIS, including techniques for working with census
data. These workshops are designed for researchers, planners,
analysts, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses who want to
apply GIS techniques to social research.

Class size is limited, so register early.
Community GIS: An Introduction to Social Mapping(tm) (for those with
little or no experience with GIS software)
Chicago, IL - September 20, 2004
Washington, DC - September 28, 2004

This one-day, fast-paced workshop is designed to introduce
participants to ArcView(tm) 8.3 and to provide the foundation for
becoming a successful GIS user. This course teaches basic techniques
for working with ArcView(tm) 8.3 while focusing on the social
applications of GIS - grant writing, needs assessment, community
evaluation, public health, and customer location.

Beyond Tables and Graphs: Mapping the Census(tm) (for folks with some
experience with GIS software - ArcView 3.x or 8.x)
Chicago, IL - September 21, 2004
Washington, DC - September 29, 2004

This one-day workshop focuses on the integration of demographic and
spatial data, with an emphasis on the analysis and display of the
resulting geodemographic data. This is a hands-on workshop that will
teach participants about working with census data in a GIS. Following
the workshop, participants will be able to customize census geography
to fit their target areas, perform spatial queries and analyze census
data, and create thematic and density maps. Participants can choose
whether they would like to complete their exercises in ArcView 3.x or
ArcView 8.x!

$245.00 (per workshop)

Workshops are currently scheduled in major cities across the United
State. Check out the schedule at


Online registration is available at or you may call us at

GIS?specializes in unparalleled, technology-based, innovative
solutions for community groups and small businesses. We supply our
clients with the systems, consulting, training and support they need
to better serve their own clientele. With this focus on the
community, GIS?puts the power of the information age into the hands
of th

Social GIS Workshops: Training By GIS

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side from this being an advert I did laugh when i saw the rehashed
argument that 80% of data has some spatial connection. I remember Bill
Clinton saying this but does anyone know where it came from... who was
responsible for the research that led to this statement?

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Social GIS Workshops: Training By GIS

Post by Andrew » Sun, 22 Aug 2004 06:17:09

Well, if you include the physical location of that data, then you're at
100%. It's one of those meaningless phrases bandied around by sales
reps. OK, 80% of data may have some 'spatial connection', but of what
quality is it and to what use can it (or should it) be put?