ediff wide/gnome (emacs 21)

ediff wide/gnome (emacs 21)

Post by Mike Balla » Wed, 16 Nov 2005 04:57:53

I'm not particularly enamored with gnome but have been using it for
awhile, have things set up so would rather just leave it.

But one of the irritating problems I never had until using gnome is ediff
wide-screen positioning; on-screen emacs is positioned near the right edge
where I want it; when I start ediff (using 'ediff-diff-options "-w"')
9x/10 gnome/its wm leave the left edge of emacs as-is and expands for
ediff off-screen (out of view) to the right. Besides dropping gnome or
replacing wms, is there any way I can fix this?

I have no idea how/why gnome does this because as I mentioned, it doesn't
do this each and every single time; sometimes it will correctly
expand/reposition to the center but 90% of the time it expands off-screen
to the right (and this inconsistency could be session-to-session or a
couple times it's done this within a single session).


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Dear all,

I have some code (pari.el) that runs
fine with emacs 21 and coughs a bit with emacs 22.
Here is my first error:

Error in menu-bar-update-hook: (wrong-type-argument keymapp nil)

coming from (I think!!)

(add-hook 'menu-bar-update-hook
'(lambda nil
(when (memq major-mode '(gp-mode gp-script-mode))
(gp-messager 71))
(when GP-script-menu-map
(easy-menu-add-item GP-script-menu-map nil
(vector (gp-messager 72) 'gp-complete t) (gp-messager 73)))
(when GP-menu-map
(easy-menu-add-item GP-menu-map nil
(vector (gp-messager 72) 'gp-complete t) (gp-messager 73))))))

Any idea ?

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