Labels for Theorems and RefTeX

Labels for Theorems and RefTeX

Post by David McCa » Wed, 07 Feb 2007 01:44:51


I'm trying to reference definitions, theorems etc. using RefTeX. I added
entries for my various theorem types to my reftex-label-alist. I looks
like this:

'(reftex-label-alist (quote (
("satz" 97 "satz:" "~\\ref{%s}" 1 ("Satz" "Theorem") -3)
("korollar" 107 "kor:" "~\\ref{%s}" 1 ("Korollar") -3)
("definition" 100 "def:" "~\\ref{%s}" 1 ("Definition" "Def.")-3)
("lemma" 108 "lem:" "~\\ref{%s}" 1 nil -3)))))

Adding labels works perfectly. If I specify an additional parameter to
the theorem environment, e.g. something like "\begin{definition}[useful
definition]...", it takes the text for the label from the additional
parameter, else it takes it from the first sentence of the body of the
The problem arises when I try to reference the labels. Only the labels
of environments without an additional parameter are selectable in the
TOC that comes up, when I insert an reference. The others appear in the
list, but aren't selectable (just as if there wasn't a label). How can I
get labels in environments like "\begin{definition}[useful
definition]..." to be selectable in the TOC?



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With reftex-insert-label-flags one can choose, whether to create label
names by asking the user or by automatically inserting label names with
unique numbers. Unfortunately I cannot decide which one to use. I
would like to have both.

With reftex-label or `C-c (' I would like to give meaningful names to
important equation I will reference later. That's working so far. But
then there are those nonrelevant equation, that I just need to
reference temporarily and for which I cannot find meaningful names. So
I would like to give those equation automatic label names (unique

Unfortunately I don't know how to define a function that inserts
labels with automatic names and which does not interfere with the
original behavior of reftex-label. Can someone help me, please?


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