abbrev-mode with ("->" =?utf-8?Q?=22=E2=86=92=22?= nil 0)

abbrev-mode with ("->" =?utf-8?Q?=22=E2=86=92=22?= nil 0)

Post by David Hans » Thu, 21 Sep 2006 15:49:07

I think abbrevs must be "words" according to the syntax-table.


1. =?utf-8?q?abbrev-mode_with_("->"_"=E2=86=92"_nil_0)?=

2. =?Utf-8?Q?Less_Than_Or_Equal_To_=22=E2=89=A4=22_Sign_b?= =?Utf-8?Q?ecomes_Equal_=22=3D=22_sign.?=

I've got a field from an Access DB that is merged into a document. A few
records in this field include the Greater Than symbol ">" while some of the
fields contain the Less Than or Equal To symbol " (with a stright line
under it). When I run the mail merge, the>> symbol stays the same, but the
symbol becomes an = sign.

Any one have any ideas on how to make it stay a symbol?


3. =?Utf-8?Q?_SDK_UPDATE_replaces_the_char?= =?Utf-8?Q?acter_=22=C3=AB=22_by_a_=22=3F=22?=

4. =?Utf-8?Q?Problem_wiht_ISA_Server_2000_and?= =?Utf-8?Q?_Latin_characters_=28=22=C3=A7=22=2C_=22=C3=A1=22=2C_=22.=22?= =?Utf-8?Q?=2C?=

5. =?Utf-8?Q?SDK_UPDATE_replaces_the_characte?= =?Utf-8?Q?r_=22=C3=AB=22_by_a_=22=3F=22?=

6. =?UTF-8?Q?=DB=9E=E2=86=92=DB=9E=E2=86=92=DB=9EHot_sale_Timberland_Boots=2C_Edhardy_boots?= =?UTF-8?Q?_and_Fashion_Lady_High_heels_www=2Eecyaya=2Ecom_FASHION_=21=21=21?=