load JDE(E) etc. on Demand (Debian)

load JDE(E) etc. on Demand (Debian)

Post by Malte Spie » Thu, 30 Jun 2005 00:52:37


I'm using Emacs mainly for Gnus and some little texts - configuration
Now I have installed JDE as I will have to do some Java-programming in
the next time. I like it very much, it's really useful and speeds up the
implementation a lot.
Yet since I installed it, the start of Emacs is slowed down very much.
I'm not quite an expert on Emacs, but I found out that this slow-down is
due to the files in /etc/emacs/site-start.d:
| trick:/etc/emacs/site-start.d# ls
| 00debian-vars.el 50eieio.el 51ede.el
| 50cedet-common.el 50emacs-goodies-el.el 51speedbar.el
| 50dictem.el 50emacs-intl-fonts.el 52semantic.el
| 50dictionaries-common.el 50jde.el 55ecb.el

Now if I move away the new files, the startup is back to normal. Yet I
don't know how to start JDE now.

I've tried starting the files later, but that won't work.

Has anyone got a solution for this problem?


load JDE(E) etc. on Demand (Debian)

Post by Daniel U2N » Thu, 30 Jun 2005 01:45:45


The following elisp-code in my personal emacs startup file
($HOME/.emacs.el) works for me with the current jde in
debian/unstable and today's emacs cvs-version:

.--- Elisp code start ---
;; Java Development Environment for Emacs (JDE) Setup
;; If you want Emacs to defer loading the JDE until you open a
;; Java file, edit the following line (nil: load JDE on Emacs
;; startup, t: load JDE on opening first java-file).
(setq defer-loading-jde t)
(if defer-loading-jde
(autoload 'jde-mode "jde" "JDE mode." t)
(setq auto-mode-alist
'(("\\.java\\'" . jde-mode))
(require 'jde))
`--- Elisp code end ---

Daniel Schoemer


load JDE(E) etc. on Demand (Debian)

Post by Malte Spie » Thu, 30 Jun 2005 16:02:44

Daniel Scher < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > writes:


Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work here (Etch). I probably could
speed up things, too, if I compiled the files. Maybe my *Messages* are
helpful for you:
| Loading disp-table...done
| Loading tool-bar...done
| Loading image...done
| Loading tooltip...done
| Loading 00debian-vars...done
| Loading 20gnus-init (source)...done
| Loading 35elib-startup (source)...done
| Loading 50cedet-common (source)...
| Loading advice...done
| Loading 50cedet-common (source)...done
| Loading 50dictem (source)...done
| Loading 50dictionaries-common (source)...
| Loading /var/cache/dictionaries-common/emacsen-ispell-dicts.el (source)...
| Loading debian-ispell...
| Loading /var/cache/dictionaries-common/emacsen-ispell-default.el (source)...done
| Loading debian-ispell...done
| Loading /var/cache/dictionaries-common/emacsen-ispell-dicts.el (source)...done
| Loading ispell...done
| Loading 50dictionaries-common (source)...done
| Loading 50eieio (source)...done
| Loading 50emacs-goodies-el (source)...done
| Loading 50emacs-intl-fonts (source)...done
| Loading 50jde (source)...done
| Loading 51ede (source)...done
| Loading 51speedbar (source)...done
| Loading 52semantic (source)...
| Loading derived...done
| Loading regexp-opt...done
| Loading mule-util...done
| Loading font-lock...done
| Loading /usr/lib/emacs/21.4/i386-linux/fns-21.4.1-x.el (source)...done
| Loading semantic-idle (source)...done [2 times]
| Loading ede-speedbar (source)...done
| Loading 52semantic (source)...done
| Loading 55ecb (source)...
| "/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/cedet-common/" added to `load-path'
| Setting up cedet...done
| Setting up cogre...
| progn:
| Cannot open load file: cogre-load
| Setting up ede...done
| Setting up eieio...done
| Setting up semantic...done
| Setting up speedbar...done
| Setting up cedet-contrib...
| progn:
| Cannot open load file: cedet-contrib-load
| Loading 55ecb (source)...done
| Loading semantic-el (source)...done

Thanks for your effort