Comment Line Indentation

Comment Line Indentation

Post by Georg » Wed, 28 Jan 2009 00:17:45

Dear All,

I have the following problem as a result of editing *** files in both
Emacs and WinEdt: when editing the file in emacs and with
comment-multi-line variable set to non-nil and the autofill-variable set
to 70, I can get emacs to recognise comments longer than seventy
characters as comments so that I can write really long comments.

This is all good and nice, but when you open the file in WinEdt with
hard-wrapping mode and the margin set to 70, it will not recognise the
next of the line as a comment and I will get either a completely
different document or loads of errors.

Is there a way of telling emacs that when you go past the autofill
margin, insert a new line, add a % symbol to it and continue with
whatever text is typed there? By the same token, when I open a file
edited by somebody who does not have that function, is it possible to
tell emacs to follow this logic?