"debugging" EUDC

"debugging" EUDC

Post by Andrea Cro » Fri, 31 Jul 2009 22:50:03

I'm trying to use eudc, my final goal would be finally be able to send
emails looking for the address over an ldap server.

I've set up my 'eudc-server-hotlist and my 'ldap-host-parameter-alist

But then when I try an
"eudc-get-email" it just says me "no results".

I just don't understand where is the error, maybe looking at the exact
command that it launches I would understand (it uses ldapsearch), how
can I debug it and get more informations?

"debugging" EUDC

Post by Andrea Cro » Fri, 31 Jul 2009 23:29:25

Looking in the code and tracing some functions (finally I set up my
eudc-ldap-simple-query-internal) I understood what was the problems,
it was asking the "sn" and not the "cn".

Another question, when I get an answer in the minibuffer why it is not
always put also in the kill-ring??
I mean if I ask it I may need the result for something, how could I
"paste" it?