Mapping n64 controller to vice or ccs64

Mapping n64 controller to vice or ccs64

Post by John » Sun, 15 Apr 2007 14:18:27


I'm trying ccs and vice and I have the same problem in both. I have a n64
controller as my joystick, which maps the analog joystick as the joystick. I
would like to remap the thumbpad as the joystick, as well as remap the
button to another button on the controller. I can't figure out if this is
possible with either emulator. Anyone know different?

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Hi all,

I am running Win-XP on two systems, and have installed CCS64 and VICE
on both of these PC's. So I tried both of the emulators on two
different machines... (I remember running CCS64 on Win98SE, and did
not have the following problem)
Emulation is good, however if I play a game (any) and emulate the
joystick via a keyset, I get the following behaviour :
If I hold a direction key for a long period of time (for example you
walk to the right), and then release this key, it will continue
walking to the right, even if I press another direction key or do not
press any key ;-) at that moment....

It is very annoying, since the sprite is going in a direction I do not
wish !!!

Someone got the same behaviour, and / or knows how to alter this
behaviour ?
Is there a setting somewehere to be altered ?

Thanks !!


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