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Zfc ***Hot stuff - check this out !!! Zfc

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Well, I like both almost equally. But that is what is great, and different,
about the Arts, we shall probably always have differing opinions.

But, it does seem to be coming across as a resonably established
"scientific" fact, that Mozart can have a particularly calming effect on
(some) primary children.

But, yes, there seems to me to be some (classical) music that appeals more
to the intellect (for me e.g. Purcell, Bach, Mozart) and then some that
appeals more to the emotion (Vivaldi - possibly - and then the
"impresionists" Chopin, Ravel, Sibelius, Delius etc.)

I am certainly not a music buff. But my first wife was a pianist and music
teacher and our daughter is a music therapist.

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