run a .vb file with a ms-dos batch file

Uli Hofe

run a .vb file with a ms-dos batch file

by Uli Hofe » Mon, 20 Apr 2009 01:36:41

Hi everybody,

I have a .vb file that I try to run with the following .bat file (Windows - Start - Run):

del KeyGen.exe csout1.txt csout2.txt
vbc /debug:full KeyGen.vb
KeyGen.exe ..\examples\InputLatin1.txt csout1.txt csout2.txt

The .vb file requires 3 variables the last two being two files to be created.

I put a MsgBox into the .vb file but I neither get the Msg nor any of the two output files nor any error messages. I therefore assume that the .vb file does not execute. (I want to run the .vb file to properly debug it).

since I have barely any experience with any help is very much appreciated.

thank you



run a .vb file with a ms-dos batch file

by nobug » Wed, 22 Apr 2009 02:37:42

Bizarre stuff, why are you recompiling KeyGen.vb Does it actually compile You seem to be missing some important command line switches such as /imports...

Uli Hofe

run a .vb file with a ms-dos batch file

by Uli Hofe » Fri, 24 Apr 2009 03:38:43

Dear nobugz,

Thank you for your answer.

As I already mentionned, I don't have much experience in this area. All I try to do is based on assumptions (so please forgive me if I don't know what I am doing).

The whole thing is supposed to be a Software Key Generator. I downloaded the sample from the seller of my software and try to make it work for my case.

The thing came with a .vb, a .bat file and a KeyGenerator Tester.

The KeyGen.vb needs 3 arguments, the first for the input file containing the registration info, the other two are output files with the generated key. I modified the KeyGen.vb file to work with my Key algorithm.

The KeyGenerator Tester does not work, whatever the input file, it produces the same error message and support from the company is poor to non existent.

What I try to do is run the KeyGen.vb with the .bat file (Windows - Start - Run) to test it, without success.

Thanks again