dos emulator for dreamcast

dos emulator for dreamcast

Post by hansaplat » Mon, 29 Sep 2003 20:27:47


does any one know of an emulator that runs pc games on dreamcast?
coz i have tons of old games i love from 386-486 era and cant play them on
windows xp, not to mention it might be cool to be able to play them on
dreamcast instead.

so does one exist or is it in developement?
if the answers no then does anyone have any idea if its even possible to
make such an emulator, because if it is i might try myself (but would need
some help because i've never made one before and don't know much on how you
go about programming it etc)


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dos emulator for dreamcast

Post by Michael Ko » Tue, 30 Sep 2003 06:07:27

I don't think there is one yet, but you might want to check these sites:
< ;
<http://www. ***>

There is a portable DOS emulator called DOSbox (no DPMI yet, ie. no DOS
extenders), but even on my P3-550 it runs rather slow, so I don't it
would be usable of the 200MHz SH-4 of the Dreamcast. If you want to
check it out to run it on your PC instead then head this way:
< ;

For stuff that needs DPMI Bochs might be interesting, but that emulator
seems to be even slower than DOSbox and since it's a general PC emulator
you need to install DOS first:
< ;

Generally I think the Dreamcast is too slow to emulate anything but a
slow 8086 PC, so it wouldn't really be worth it. It also makes more
sense to do computer emulation on computers, where you have a keyboard
(OK, I have one on my DC as well, but that's a totally different stroy)
and have the possibility and have some more flexible media, eg. saving
your progress would be a pain on the Dreamcast, even if you figure out
how to save to the VMU, because its memory is limited to 128K!

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dos emulator for dreamcast

Post by Toureir » Thu, 16 Oct 2003 05:45:02

Perhaps slow to run the heavy DOSBox. Don forget that it emulates even the
PSX in a very reasonable way (Bleemcast). The PSX is comparable (quality of
games) to the speed of an early Pentium 133 or even more. It would be no
wonder to have it running some 386 games... in a very optimized emulator
(somewhat impossible on portable code).
Actually there are some specific emulators for Castle Wolfenstein 3D and
SCUMM games (DOTT, Monkey Island, etc)