[NEW] fMSX 2.7 Released!

[NEW] fMSX 2.7 Released!

Post by Marat Fayz » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 11:04:03

Hello, Everybody!

I have just released fMSX 2.7, available from


fMSX is a portable emulator of MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ home computers. There
are ports available for Windows, MSDOS, MacOS, Unix, and many other
systems. This is a maintenance version that mainly contains fixes to
various ports. Windows users will find joystick fixed. Unix users will
most likely find their complaints about sound answered. I have also
switched to a newer version of compiler for the fMSX-MSDOS.
Here is a full list of additions and changes:

* Switched to the latest version of the OpenWatcom C/C++ compiler.
* The infamous Windows problem with spaces in directory names seems
to be fixed by using a newer compiler.
* Made some arrays "const" to facilitate porting to run-from-ROM
platforms (cellphones, PDAs, etc.).
* Joystick problems in fMSX-Windows are fixed.
* Descreased the default sound volume in fMSX-Unix.
* Increased the default wave synthesis frequency to 44.1kHz.
* Minor fixes to the Unix sound drivers.
* Removed MIDI volume control from Windows sound drivers.
* Added TV raster effect to fMSX-Windows.

If you are a registered fMSX-Windows user, please, allow several days for
delivery of the new version before sending me an email. The list of
registrations is somewhat large and takes a while to process.

Have fun! :)

Marat Fayzullin