VirtualPC 5.2 (on W Server 2003) running RedHat 9.0

VirtualPC 5.2 (on W Server 2003) running RedHat 9.0

Post by Patrick Fl » Sun, 07 Sep 2003 10:44:08


Have a W Server 2003 box. Downloaded VirtualPC 5.2 from MSDN and managed, with
some trouble, to get it installed.

I feel (know) VirtualPC is working because I have a Windows 2000 Server
partition ('PC') running already. (Where I test-run apps that don't seem to run
properly under 2003).

Figured I'd add RedHat Linux (9.0) as well.

Everything seemed to install fine (seperate partition of course from W 2000
Server). Boot up - everything look OK.

But when I get a login screen screen (I picked the GUI install of Workstation)
the screen is very strange; unreadable; and unusable. Long and thin; black
background with hazy colored colored objects which presumably are the objects to
be found on the GUI login screen. They don't respond to mouse-clicks.

VirtualPC says that it emulates an S3 Trio 32/64 PCI card and that's
(more-or-less I think) what I picked during the install. The _actual_ card on
my machine is an NVidia dual-hdr (with which I've had other problems with Server

I can of course reinstall into Virtual-Console-or-whatever (line-oriented) mode
and that wouldn't be too painful.

But is there any secret keystroke combination where, once I'm up at the GUI
login, it will drop me back into line-oriented login (which I'm assuming will
care less about video card characteristics)?



VirtualPC 5.2 (on W Server 2003) running RedHat 9.0

Post by aaron matt » Wed, 10 Sep 2003 03:59:09

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The keystroke you are looking for is alt-ctrl-F1.

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VirtualPC 5.2 (on W Server 2003) running RedHat 9.0

Post by patf » Fri, 19 Sep 2003 13:43:28

Thanx Aaron,

Yes you're right - that worked.

Although if you'll look in linux.redhat.install (me = patrick
flaherty), you'll see that I get the install (GUI interface) working
properly finally by selecting a slightly different monitor type.

I'd also found that you can drop into line-oriented linux, the long
way if you will, when, at the 'select an os' screen, you hit 'e' then
boot into

kernel /vmlinuz (adding <space> single to the end)

So it was all a good learning experience.

Building gcc-related projects with Linux is _much_ better than
Windows + Cygwin! (which is what I'd hoped).