Post by hassa » Mon, 07 Mar 2005 22:58:51

slt ,

je joue un peu au KOF , bonc j'ai achet?une manette X-arcade , mais
j'ai pas l'adapateur AT-PS2 (USB) , quelqu'un sai ou je peu l'acheter ?

merci d'avance

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I do not know if it's an issue with Real or with Microsoft.
That is why I have posted on both sites.
The issue is using Windows XP running Windows Internet Explorer 7 Real
Arcade will not update it's game catalog and it presents the following error

RealArcade is checking for The latest Game News. Downloading the latest
catalog of games.

RealArcade was unable to intsall Game News because a digital signature could
not be verified. This is possibly caused by an issue with cipher strength in
Microsoft Internet Explorer. Please refer to Microsoft knowledge base
article Q261328 for more information at

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