Z80 Emulator YAZE-AG (final release 2.11)

Z80 Emulator YAZE-AG (final release 2.11)

Post by Andreas Ge » Mon, 25 Jul 2005 22:14:50

Subject: Yet Another Z80 Emulator by AG (final release 2.11)
with a MMU and CP/M 3.1

Hello CP/M and YAZE-AG friends,

I release the next final release 2.11 of my Z80 Emulator.
The main differents to version 2.01:

* Z3PLUS runs now on YAZE-AG.

* In the CP/M drives which are connected to Unix-/Windows directroies
are now the time stamps of the Unix-/Windows-files.

* Bug fixes

I do not set up my web page because the develompent continues.
You find the new version (yaze-ag-2.11.tar.gz) in the development directory:

ftp://ag-yaze: XXXX@XXXXX.COM /devel/

Windows user find the stand alone binaries (2.11 / build03) under

ftp://ag-yaze: XXXX@XXXXX.COM /devel/windows/

Look to Changelog if you want to know details about the Changes.
I put the new documentation (also in HTML) into the archive files.

An another way to find YAZE-AG over google.[de|com]:

search for the keyword "Z80 emulator"
mostly it's the first link in the result
then go into the "development directory" in the section "Development"
there are the new files for Unix and windows.

What is YAZE-AG?
Yet Another Z80 Emulator by AG is an CPU-Emulator. Inside the Emulator
runs an original CP/M 3.1 (I use the free BDOS replacement ZPM3N10 of
Simeon Cran) or the CP/M 2.2 replacement Superdos.

yaze-ag is designed to provide an exact simulation of the Z80 microprozessor
on a UNIX / Linux / FreeBSD / MacOS-X / Windows (Cygwin environment)
system. It is fast, emulates undocumented opcodes, and passes instruction
regression tests against real Z80 hardware.

NEW in yaze-ag-2.xx is the support of an emulated Memory Management Unit (MMU)
and the BIOS which supports CP/M 3.1 (or ZPM3 which is used in yaze-ag).

Andreas Gerlich

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Andreas Gerlich
University of Ulm, Germany
Mitspielen strengstens erlaubt! ;-)