[NEW] ColEm 2.0 Released!

[NEW] ColEm 2.0 Released!

Post by fms » Sun, 17 Sep 2006 22:33:51

Hello, Everybody!

I have just released a new version of the ColecoVision emulator, ColEm
2.0, for Windows and MSDOS. You can get it from


This is the first release after a long pause in ColEm development. It
made more modular and switched to the new application framework
that makes porting emulators to different platforms much easier.

ColEm Windows and MSDOS binaries are currently available, with more
binaries (Unix, Symbian, etc.) to become available as they are
New ColEm and EMULib source code will also be posted online, at a later

Full list of changes, bugfixes, and additions:

* MSDOS and Windows versions are now based on the new framework.
* Started adding Coleco Adam emulation (not finished yet).
* Added state saving and loading via .STA files.
* Added SuperAction spinner emulation with the mouse.
* Added zoomed sprites support in VDP.
* Standardized TMS9918 emulation.
* Fixed VDP VBlank interrupt bug.
* Replaced "updates per VBlank" (-uperiod) with "percentage of
skipped frames" parameter (-skip).
* Removed -vperiod/-hperiod parameters as deprecated.
* Added -pal/-ntsc parameters to switch between TMS9918/TMS9928
and TMS9929 VDPs.
* Soundtrack saved into MIDI files.
* Documentation rewritten in HTML.
* Added speed throttling to ColEm-MSDOS (-vsync).
* Keyboard assignments have changed.


Best regards,
Marat Fayzullin