Call for papers (Special issue of "Document num閞ique" on Fonts)

Call for papers (Special issue of "Document num閞ique" on Fonts)

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Special Issue of the Journal ocument Numique? Coordinators of this issue:
Yannis Haralambous (ENST Bretagne) & Jacques Andr?(IRISA Rennes)


Fonts are essential resources, not only for publishing (on paper or on
the Web) but also for all computer systems since it is through them
that man and machine interact, at least at the level of text. In the
last 30 years fonts have evolved in at least four main areas: their
file format (from bitmap to vector outlines, with the data described in
a programming language or stored in binary tables), their
internationalization with respect to the writing systems of the world
(including universal notation systems such as math formulas, music,
electronic diagrams, braille, etc.), their ntelligence,?(in the
sense that they supply an increasing amount of information to the
operating system concerning typographical conventions like ligatures,
contextual behavior during typesetting, diacritics, etc.), and finally,
the security aspects (fonts being constantly accessed by the rendering
engine, they are a high vulnerability factor for the system). Due to
the increasing number of fonts and to the quantitative explosion of
electronic documents on the Web, a new issue has emerged: that of
copyright and the intellectual ownership of fonts.

This special issue of ocument numique?invites all researchers and
developers in the area of fonts to submit papers 10-20 pages in length
presenting their areas of R&D, their points of view and their open
questions. We seek survey papers, research papers, design and
engineering papers, and experience papers; submitted papers should
analyze the underlying issues rather than just describe issues,
systems, and fonts. Submissions can be written in French or English.


€ Use of fonts
€ Font file formats
€ Rendering, glyph recognition
€ Fonts and encodings, in particular: fonts and Unicode
€ Font creation tools
€ Protection of intellectual property in fonts
€ From historical typefaces to digital fonts
€ New perspectives
€ ...

Editorial committee

Jacques Andr? IRISA (Rennes) (codinator)
Patrick Andries, Conseils Hapax (Quec)
Gor Bella, ENST Bretagne (Brest)
Michel Bovani
Luc Devroye, MacGill (Toronto)
Jean-Louis Este, Estienne (Paris)
Yannis Haralambous, ENST Bretagne (Brest) (codinator)
John Hudson, Tiro Typeworks
Franck Jalleau, Estienne (Paris)
Thomas Linard
Ole Lund
Hrant Papazian, The MicroFoundry
Erik Spiekermann
Beat Stamm, Microsoft
Nicolas Taffin
Sivan Toledo, Tel-Aviv University


€ April 21st, 2006 if possible: short abstract (10-20 lines)
€ June 18th, 2006: submission of papers,
€ July 31st, 2006: notification of authors,
€ September 30th, 2006: deadline for submission of final corrected
€ December 2006: publication.

Publisher and journal

Revue Document numique
Service itorial Herm
14, rue de Provigny
94236 CACHAN cedex
T. 01 47 40 67 00 Fax 01 47 40 67 02

Recommendations to authors

Submissions are to be sent to Yannis Haralambous (codinates see
below) and have to respect the Herm stylesheet, available on (or by request to the codinator)

Papers should be 10 to 20 pages long. They can be written in French or
English. Complete bibliography is required for each paper.

Submissions should be sent in the form of PDF file. Final versions will
be accepted in LaTeX, DocBo