[ANN]: ActiveSolid 3D Solid Modeler as a Web Control

[ANN]: ActiveSolid 3D Solid Modeler as a Web Control

Post by Denni » Fri, 10 Oct 2003 15:02:13

J&L Associates is pleased to announce availability of ActiveSolid 3D Modeler
as a Web Control for Internet Explorer 4.x and up. Ever dreaming of showcase
your product solid modeler modeleThis control

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ~ds755/RunIt.htm


1. working on a 2D CAD / 3D solid modeller

2. [News] New Version of Open Source Modeller (Blender 3D) Released, New Web Site Debuts

Blender 2.43 released - New Website

,----[ Quote ]
| All on the same day, a new Blender release and the migration to
| new servers and a brand new design for blender.org


Also check out GPU-boosted mobiles (probably a mockup/emulation):

Shiny at 3GSM: NVIDIA next-generation mobile phone interface

,----[ Quote ]
| At 3GSM this year, NVIDIA was showing off some demos of its GoForce
| 5500 processor. This video shows a demo mobile phone UI, using 3D,
| video and Flash 2D. It mighty purdy.


NVIDIA Launches GoForce 5500


Here's the film produced using Ubuntu Linux with Blender (and other Free/Open
Source software):


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