Flash Animator Wanted

Flash Animator Wanted

Post by hardware20 » Sun, 12 Sep 2004 04:57:03

Hey all,

My partner and I are developing a 6 episode animated series for a web
site. Each episode would be a few minutes in length. The series is
based on a TV show and is a fan fiction spin-off. The series would be
uploaded to a pretty substantial fan web site.

Let me say up front that there is no pay for this project for anyone.
The value of this project is the immediate re-action from fans on our
work, the possibility of exposure and the education and fun of
developing a series. If anyone is still interested read on...

My partner and I have done this in a more professional manner before
and have the exprience required to complete this task. Our goal is to
provide something of the highest quality. Like I said, aside from the
fun this is a good calling card opportunity and how often do you get
free web space offed to you. We currently have created character model
sheets, a series bible and have loosley plotted 6 episodes. We would
provide an animator with the voice reel, storyboards and all the art
required to animate.

Because this is a non paying gig we would try and create a schedule
where it took up as little time for all involved - something like a
weekend project until completion. Again, we're looking for someone who
has experience and efficiency in Flash. We're professionals and are
looking for the same. You don't need to be an industry pro, just a pro
in Flash.

If anyone is interested, please write me directly at

Thanks for your time everyone!

Flash Animator Wanted

Post by section_2m » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 23:15:20

Sounds like fun. Good luck and i hope it comes out how you want it.