pov2mesh: evaluate POV-Ray .pov files to Maya .obj files (for city generation, etc.)

pov2mesh: evaluate POV-Ray .pov files to Maya .obj files (for city generation, etc.)

Post by Paul Senze » Wed, 11 Jan 2006 11:00:53

Hi all,

pov2mesh is a utility I initially wrote to help me autogenerate cities
urban landscapes for a game (free-roaming like Spider-Man 2 or GTA). I
one program generate .pov files from a rough description of the city
and then
pov2mesh converts that into a Maya .obj file (which seems to be
readable by
pretty much any 3d modeler out there.)

So far, it's been really useful.


If you're interested, take a look. Let me know what you think if
you're so

Paul Senzee

from the site:

pov2mesh is a command line utility for Windows that accepts a POV-Ray
file as input and produces a Maya .obj file as output. While pov2mesh
not yet understand the full range of .pov syntax, it is nevertheless a
valuable tool in its own right.

At present, pov2mesh accepts a subset of the POV-Ray scene description
language, executes the CSG operations specified in the .pov file and
tessellates the resulting shapes to produce an .obj polygon mesh file.
new versions are released, pov2mesh's support for the POV-Ray language
increase accordingly.

1. pov2mesh: evaluate POV-Ray .pov files to Maya .obj files (for city generation, etc.)

2. updated on pov-ray mode for emacs

The emacs's pove mode, originally by Peter W Boettcher in 1997, and
worked by several others, has been out of date since 2003. It doesn't
run in emacs 22 and it's not trivial to fix.

Am glad to announce that Marco Pessotto has fixed many problem and is
actively developing the mode. Now it works in emacs 22.

You can get the current version at:


or direct link at
(this direct link won't work for long since the version gets updated
about weekly)

This mode features customizable syntax coloring, keyword completion,
keyword documentation lookup, over 200 templates insertion (such as
inc files, color, lighting, shape, transformation ...etc templates),
toolbar, and other features.

He's looking for feedback, especially Windows users. (he's on linux,
i'm on OSX)

Right now, there are still some imperfections... For example, a shell
script is used to nstallit by modifying the elisp file to add
paths to POV-Ray documentation. However, it works quite well as is.

So, if you use POV-Ray, please give it a try and give him feedback.
(his email address is in the file.)



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