FileMaker database development

FileMaker database development

Post by Maxim Kolk » Fri, 17 Dec 2004 17:55:41


You have a FileMaker database working incorrect or simply wrong.
Or you have a lot of important data and have no instruments to manage it.
Here is a simple and inexpensive method to correct it.

I am a skilled FileMaker developer, I have been working with FileMaker since
I will provide you solutions to do your routine work with data most simple
what you ever did.

I have a few of service directions.
= Development custom FileMaker business accounting systems as you order.
= Accounting FileMaker databases for home use or education.
= Also you may address me for reviewing existing FileMaker systems and
providing of repair it.

Please let me know if you need some service I have not described.

Maxim Kolkin

1. FileMaker Database Development Tool

2. (FileMaker Pro Advanced OR FileMaker Pro) AND/OR (FileMaker Server OR FileMaker Server Advanced)


We are getting close to purchase of FileMaker for a small network of 2
Apple Macs.

Before I place an order I wonder if a little advice could be offered
regarding the different versions of FileMaker available.

We will be creating a new database using FileMaker and guess we would
need to purchase FileMaker Pro 8.5 (Preferably Advanced?) and FileMaker
Server 8 (Advanced?).

Sorry if these are basic questions, but I am new to networking of computers.

Many thanks,

Please do not reply to the address of XXXX@XXXXX.COM
as we do not read or write using this email address

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